Referral Links -what’s that then?

Referral links.....what’s that then? Chain link pic

Referral Links …..what’s that then?

I think of referral links as a sort of tip or token of appreciation for the work I have done researching the sites that I am referring you to. You will find them on the pages where I explain the site’s details and on my referrals page which contains all my links to the sites I have tried out and found to be ok and PurpleLioness’s Poo Books with the ones to avoid. If you’re still scratching your head and asking referral links …….what’s that then? This review is for you, please continue……

The reason I say they are like tips is because every time you use one of my referral links to access a site, I will then receive a percentage of any claims that you make as a reward for referring you. I don’t think my percentage actually comes out of your claim, I think the site pays it on top of what you claim but I would need to find out for sure as at the time of writing I have yet to actually refer anyone but when I do I shall update this post with the answer.

That said there are other types of actual tipping which you can get free tokens for – the details of which you can read about in my article about tips and tokens.

So is that it then?

Umm well no, actually there are some sites that you HAVE to be referred to by someone already on it in order to access them at all, the main one I have encountered is the PI Network. I have yet to be able to access it even though 2 different people have tried to get me on there. If I ever make it on there and it turns out to be any good then I’ll include a review of it and a link to get in.

So what’s it look like?

A typical referral link looks like this – http://cointiply.com/r/N5won this is my actual referral link to a site called Cointiply which is one of the first sites I joined at the start of my crypto journey. I explain it on my Cointiply page and the link is included there too. DO NOT click on it unless you want to be referred by me to Cointiply, if you’ve already read the page on it and maybe missed the link on the page but you DO want to be referred by me because you appreciate the work I have done and wish to spread the love then by all means click away! Otherwise hang fire till you’ve read the article before you decide.

Some people just post ads online that are just pages full of their referral links which they may or may not have researched, I wouldn’t recommend using those as I frankly find that quite lazy and wonder – if they are not posting the research then have they actually done it?

Below is another example of a referral link for someone else whose tutorial I liked – it’s just an example so you don’t have to click on it but the info is interesting (if you’re a publisher on Brave) and if you do click on it from within the Brave browser (check out my Brave browser experience page) then the publisher will be rewarded and so will you for looking (must be signed up for Brave rewards) – nice!

Brave Payments Tutorial:-


To Tip or Not To Tip – That Is The Question?

I’ll let you in on a wee secret I discovered that may be obvious to some but wasn’t to me – except for the above mentioned – you don’t have to use my referral links to use the sites I recommend. To access the site without clicking on the referral link simply open a new tab and type the site URL into the search box then when the site appears go ahead and sign up if you want and get to claiming!

Other Referral Links

Another type of referral link is called an affiliate link, these are links to purchase goods and services on sites such as Amazon or specific product sites. I put these links in the articles I post on my other websites www.babybore.co.uk and www.babybore.com when I write a user experience based review so that people can easily purchase the item after reading about it. You will also find affiliate links to certain cryptocurrency related products I have reviewed on this website for instance Trezor cold wallet as well as another type of link called an external link.

External Links

External links are another type of referral link that when clicked will take you off the current website you are on and onto the website the link connects to. The above Cointiply and Brave Payments Tutorial links are examples of this so if you had clicked on them you would have been taken off my website and landed on theirs – I do hope you came back! Sometimes the link is internal.


Internal Links

Internal links are as suggested by the name, links that take you off the page you’re on onto another page within the same website.


If you have any questions or experiences of your own you’d like to add, please comment below and I’d be more than happy to help you out.




  1. Thanks for the information on referral links! It’s certainly a great introduction for someone who may be unfamiliar with how they work or what their purpose is. I think you clear that up pretty well. I agree that you have to be careful with some people’s links. I really tend to not trust something if I can tell it was just slapped up on a site without much research as well. Thanks again!

    • Hiya Steve

      You’re welcome, I’m glad you found it useful, I think it’s important to research websites especially if your money or data is involved. Being careful with which links you follow can be the only sensible thing to do, everyone needs to be careful online as we are not protected by anything or anyone unless we have security measures in place which most ordinary folk just don’t. Thanks for your interest, krs PurpleLioness 

  2. Hey, Thank you for writing this useful article. I am happy to join via you and find this site is very useful for me. I recently bookmarked your site for future reference. I will also share it with my friends too. You are doing an amazing work to helping people to start earning online. Keep this work up. Have a grate life. Thank you


    • Hiya Parveen

      You’re very welcome, thank you for your interest. I would love for you to join Cointiply as my referral and start earning some cash! There are lots of different ways to earn and claim coins on Cointiply. I will eventually put up a referrals list off all the sites I have researched and found to be paying out all of which you’re welcome to join. You can check out my growing list of sites to avoid too (PurpleLioness’s Poo Books – this will be a link when I learn how😊) 

      I haven’t put the referrals list up yet because a major website used by a lot of faucet owners to pay out to underwent a radical change late last year (you can read about it on my Farewell Fabulous FaucetHub article) which affected most of the faucets on my list. When FaucetHub has finished their rebranding I will post the updated list.

      I welcome any and all referrals who wish to follow me onto the sites I claim on, I wish you a great life too krs PurpleLioness 

  3. Sometimes when I browse the web, I also notice some links, such as an image. When I click, it will jump to the Amazon website, and there will be related products for you to buy; I guess that picture The link above is the referral link you said.
    I saw affiliate program on some websites. I did n’t understand what it was before. When I clicked it to browse, I realized that after I registered as their member, they would assign a referral link to me.

    • Hiya JealousLi

      I love your name! Yes they were indeed referral links that you were clicking on. I like to be transparent with my links when I provide them (which I’m still very much learning how to do!) as linking to bad sites or unresearched ones is just wrong. I made the mistake of promoting a scam site without researching it properly earlier on my journey, I hate to think someone may have lost money because of me as it is the complete opposite of what I’m trying to accomplish with my website. 

      As I understand it good referral links to researched sites don’t take money from the referrals but the person providing the link does benefit in some way just not at the expense of the person following their link. I hope my article has helped you with this, thank you for your interest, please come back to me if you have any further questions, krs PurpleLioness 

  4. Awesome! Referral links to cointiply, huh? 

    No need to worry, because if you (or whoever it is) that provide valuable information, I will pay it forward too by being their referral. However, speaking of Cointiply, do you make money there? Because I personally, have never tried.
    Ps: I don’t care if I become your referral and give you a few dollars as far as I can also make money. 🙂

    • Hiya Kylie,

      Thank you for your kind offer, I’d love for you to be my first referral at Cointiply. It’s a great site with lots to do and lots of ways to claim as well as bonuses from various other places (ie sign up to their Twitter page for promo codes redeemable for extra coins)  I would advise, as someone kindly advised me, NOT to play the Cointiply games such as Multiplier, as although they all claim to be ‘provably fair’ it still seems the quickest way to lose all your coin. I lost most of mine before I realised🙄

      Complete offers (Theorem research are the best IMO), do PPC ads, watch videos, play games (not multiplier etc games FOR coins on the offer walls) roll the faucet daily to get a loyalty bonus, all these add up to dollars which after meeting the minimum threshold you can follow the instructions to withdraw.

      If you have any other questions I’d be only to happy to help, please feel free to message me back, I will be making my own withdrawal very soon and updating the post with my payment proof, I look forward to seeing your name in my referrals list, let’s both get paid! krs PurpleLioness 

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