PurpleLioness’s Poo Books – Sites You Should Probably Avoid

Hiya folks, this is going to be an ongoing post listing sites you should probably avoid and why. I have been doing the research so you don’t have to and I can help you to avoid the latest scams on the internet – in relation to cryptocurrency. I will provide screenshots where I have them and details of my experiences on the site as well as their PR (PurpleLioness’s Rating) which for ALL sites listed on here will be less than 2.

It’s happened, there is a winner for 1st spot in PurpleLioness’s Poo Books!


Bitcoin Black or as I am now calling it Bitcon Blackguard

Bitcoin Black

I have been promoting them  for a few weeks on Twitter and Facebook as well as on my other website https://www.babybore.co.uk but no more and here’s why:

I had downloaded their betanet wallet, apparently received 100 bitcon blackguard coin into it, went on to join the free airdrop which was supposed to be 3800 bitcon blackguard coin but that didn’t show up. I am still so new at all this I decided I must be doing something wrong.  I emailed the address on the website which is hello@bitcoinblack.  I was eager to get involved, I read and agreed with their whitepaper as mentioned in my Black History Month Uk article, which was where I reviewed the site and promoted it.
Bitcoin Black RewardsBitcoin Black Betanet Wallet

Bitcoin Black Pre-Sale 100000 coins

They were asking for people with talent and experience to come on board as founders to help spread the word and grow the network, I am neither but I aspire to an online business so I messaged them to see if I could collaborate in any way.with the project.  I looked at their store and saw the packets of coin they were selling and decided to purchase some before the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) they planned when the coin would go up in price.

They were pre-selling 100,000 Bitcon Blackguard coins for $90 worth of Bitcoin and offering substantial rewards for people who referred the most customers to the free airdrop. I followed their instructions and a message came up warning that I had to send the exact amount and not include the exchange fees or the transaction wouldn’t be recognised by their servers.  I did this via Coinbase but there was no way to exclude the exchange fees so my $90 worth of bitcoin was lost.

I emailed them about it repeatedly and got no reply, I belatedly tried to research them further but I only found a couple of adverts, a few how to videos on YouTube,and some old posts on FaceBook and Twitter – I’ve actually delved a bit deeper since I first started writing this post and dug up a quite comprehensive positive review dated 8/18 on bitcointalk.org and a negative one calling possible scam dated 3/19 on the same website- I’ve screen shotted them as they are too long to type out and you’ll need to zoom in to read them or you could have a look on bitcointalk.org, which I found to be a very interesting and informative site. Apologies for the somewhat pissed looking screenshots, I am not fab at this!

Bitcoin Black negative reviewBitcoin Black negative reviewBitcoin Black negative reviewBitcoin Black negative reviewBitcoin Black negative review

At first I gave them the benefit of the doubt in case they were just busy being new and setting things up but after having given them more than a week to get back to me as well as sending them several emails I have drawn my own conclusions from their deafening silence!

So folks, it’s official Bitcoin Black (not to be confused with Bitcoin or Blackcoin) are scamming people.  I’m not sure if they can gain anything from people downloading their wallet but I did see one video* which I will try and link to, in a language I don’t speak or recognise, but it appeared to be saying not to download the wallet because it had been identified as a virus by some software they were using.

Please don’t give them any money or download the wallet. I will be deleting my links when I find out how, if you have already followed my link and downloaded the wallet, please delete it and accept my apologies I take responsibility on myself for making the rookie mistake of not doing adequate research before promoting it – I won’t be doing that again!

Stay away, steer clear, full body swerve that mofo Bitcon Blackguards  I hope you get what you deserve a nice bit of crypto Karma should be coming your way.

PR – 0

*now that I want this video I of course cannae find it anywhere, grrrr! If it turns up I’ll add it to this post

Next up:- Myelbux

Myelbux screenshotMyelbux winners screenshot

Myelbux 18,000 Litoshi winner

Above are screenshots from a website called Myelbux, which also had an app and a slots game both of which I downloaded and played. It calls itself “The only multi-cryptocurrency raffle game with a 100% fair algorithm which gives all players equal odds for unlimited rewards”  It worked by betting against a set number of other players to win a set amount of money. If all 3 of your wallet balances were empty you could claim a bonus amount every hour to bet with. They had an active Facebook page and Twitter account which I looked up and they both seemed ok but I should have dug deeper.

Coinbase payment for Myelbux Partnership ProgramEmail to Myelbux screenshotCoinbase payment for Myelbux Partnership ProgramCoinbase payment for Myelbux partnership program

The 3 wallets and cryptocurrencies were BCH (Bitcoin Cash) LTC (Litecoin) and ETH (Ethereum). You could signup and pay to be a VIP and get 6000 free Gwei, 6000 free Bits and 1800 free Litoshi from the faucet every hour. I did this and claimed the different coins all day every 5 minutes which built up nicely then I withdrew the balance to my Coinbase account.  I noticed that I only received the first few payments the rest were all zeros so I thought I’d just not claimed enough and withdrawn too soon.

They advertised a partnership program which seemed to be like the staking contract I already had at CryptoJams so I joined it but instead of sending BCH, I mistakenly sent $50 worth of Bitcoin which I emailed them about repeatedly and commented on their Facebook page to no avail.  While researching I actually found the message I’d sent them, I’ve lost it again now but if I find it I’ll post it on here too. I then threw good money after bad by sending them the $50 worth of BCH they’d requested before receiving a reply about the other $50 worth of BTC! Fool! Yes, I said it! DO NOT follow my lead, learn from my mistakes and keep your money.

With hindsight red flags were – big payouts for zero work, should have scrolled through ALL the comments on Fb, no reply to my messages, should have realised the significance of all those zeros! Now the site no longer shows up if you click the link, all that’s left of Myelbux, the app and the slots game is a 404 error page, a spinning box that never changes on the app and lots and lots of angry, disappointed punters – myself included.

Yah boo Myelbux changing your name to Myelsux cos you do!

PR – 0

Moving on ……

Next up :- My Solid Coin

My solid coin screenshotMy solid coin screenshot

My solid coin screenshotMy solid coin screenshot

My Solid Coin appeared back in August this year. Another zero work, max payout site that I am beginning to wise up to, this one offered up to 360,000 satoshi per month to registered members just for the claiming. It had a referral program that paid referrers 5% commission of any claims and deposits made by their referrals. I never referred anyone but I did claim several times a day and when I reached 100,000 satoshi I went to withdraw it into my wallet which was when I discovered that you had to pay out satoshi to withdraw unless you reached 999,000 at which point you could withdraw for free so obvs I was doing that!

Another ‘feature’ of the site were ‘Treasure Upgrades’ which you could purchase which cost about a third of what they could yield in the 30 days they were active for.  I never tried these although I was tempted but I try to mostly claim crypto rather than pay out to receive it (except for when I’m trading of course but more about that in a different article) so I was still gunning for the free withdrawal.

I didn’t manage to claim the full amount every single day as y’know I have a life so I was busily claiming when the site just wasn’t there one day. I wasn’t concerned at first as I have been on other sites that have ‘gone down’ while their owners (usually one man bands) updated something or other. Also there was a message on the page saying that they were offline but they’d be back or words to that effect but they were just gone.

I have since been on some other review sites looking for information about My Solid Coin and found it variously referred to as a HYIP (high yield investment program – I’ll be reviewing these at a later date when I find out what they are exactly), based off a Ponzi scheme and as I am calling it a straight up scam.

My Solid Coin more like My Sucky Coin you take your place in my poo books with a PR – 0

Thank you for reading, hope you’ve enjoyed it so far, I will be reporting on other crap sites as and when I discover them. Do you have experience of a site that should be included in PurpleLioness’ Poo Books? Please comment below and I’ll take a look.



  1. I new to the crypto world..This is a great article on what it’s all about! 

    Thank you for enlightening on what sites we should avoid, I find it very important to know what sites we need to avoid.. Knowing some sites can be scams or causes viruses.

    Even though I can’t offer any experience with this article, I just want to say great info on your article. 

    Keep up with the great work!

    • Hiya Genia

      Thanks for your reply, I’m glad to help, if you have any questions further down the line feel free to get back to me.

      Krs PurpleLioness 

  2. hello, i really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. i had an encounter with solid coin some time ago and it wasnt a pleasant experience. at first it was all rosy but it later went to shambles. thanks for your honest review

    • Hiya Benny,

      Sorry to hear you also had an unpleasant experience with My Solid Coin, hope you didn’t lose too much. I didn’t pay them anything so the only thing I really ‘lost’ was the satoshi I had claimed which were not real any way and the claim time that I’ll never get back! 

      Thanks for your reply.

      Krs PurpleLioness 

  3. Yes< I did enjoy reading this. I don’t have any questions as you have already answered all I need to know.  I have been doing a little research on these as well and I’m glad I found your review BEFORE making any kind of commitment to any of these.

    It’s hard enough to know just what one should be doing in the process of purchasing cryptocurrency so I’m glad you are putting it out there and trying to protect the consumer when it comes to this kind of stuff.

    Thanks, I will now be straying away from these and I will be back to see what else you find,  Sorry that you lost money with these guys,


    • Hiya Wayne,

      Thanks for your comments and kind words. I’m sorry I lost money too! I was silly and naive at times but I hope I’ve learned from my mistakes and if I can stop someone else from doing the same then I’ve gained something from the experience.

      Krs PurpleLioness

  4. Thank you for your investigating post on Bitcoin Black. I have always been skeptical about all of these new types of Bitcoin options and what you experienced just proves to me to avoid Bitcoin Black. Seeing how this whole cryptocurrency environment can be suspect to scammers, people really need to either deal with established brands or avoid crypto all together.

    • Hiya Robert,

      Thanks for your comments, I was foolish and naive but I hope someone else can benefit from my experience, krs PurpleLioness 

  5. Damn! Really crazy people these days. Make a website with difficulty to get traffic, but then do a SCAM.
    However, I am grateful for your writing, so that I can take precautionary steps as soon as possible for this site by blocking my browser to that side.
    However, apart from that, cyber attacks are always everywhere and several times also attack my website and take my personal information for their benefit.
    Do you have a suggestion?

    • Hiya Asmadi

      Thank you for your interest, I’m sorry to hear that your website has been attacked, I am not experienced enough to be able to offer you any advice to stop it from happening but I will be researching and writing an article in the near future about social engineering which I am still learning about so please look out for that on my site. I can only suggest that you keep vigilant and if something doesn’t look right to you then don’t click on it, navigate away and check it out through secure sites (ie https and closed padlock displayed in URL) if your money is involved be as thorough as you can. Hope this helps, if you have any other questions please come back to me, krs PurpleLioness 

  6. Thank you for your post. It is useful information for me. I started online business for a while now and get a lot of invitation to join the Bitcoin business. I read some books and hard for me to decide to join which agency.

    Your article is valuable reference for me to pursue the potential Bitcoin business. It is kind of you that your crypto journey is going to be onging post list. I bookmarked your webpage and will come back to your site regularly.

    With your guidance, I will know what websites to avoid, which saves my energy, time, effort, and money. 

    • Hiya Anthony,

      Thank you for your encouraging words, I’m so glad you found my site helpful in your decision making. Crypto currency is quite a journey so we can all do with some guidance I think. Good for you being careful and doing your research, any way  that I can make things easier for you with my experiences makes me happy😃 hope you get on well with Cointiply if you decide to give them a whirl, make sure you read my other articles to find out how to do things the right way and learn from my mistakes. Good luck with your online business, krs PurpleLioness 

  7. Thank you so much for pointing out these scams. It’s a shame that you had to learn the hard way, but I really appreciate that you are using your experience to help others not make the same mistake. It can be so hard to tell who you can trust out there nowadays, which is hugely disappointing. Thanks again for sharing your opinion with us.

    • Hiya Steve,

      You’re very welcome, it can be so hard navigating through the sharks in the water, I’m happy to share my experiences if it will help someone else. Thanks for your support, krs PurpleLioness 

  8. Hey, Thank you for writing on Sites You Should Probably Avoid. I am new to crypto world and learning about it. You are doing an awesome work to keep people with good site and avoiding some sites you don’t like. You info is very helpful for me to choose the best one. I will read you more article and bookmark you site. Thanks for your good work.


    • Hiya Parveen

      Thank you for your encouragement, I’m glad I could be of some help to you. There is so much to learn and so many pitfalls I’m just trying to save people from unnecessary hassle and strife. 

      Krs PurpleLioness 

  9. Thank you.  Not just for sharing this information but for sharing your personal experience, even if some would consider it embarrassing.

    With the crypto currency popularity explosion, it’s no wonder that so many scam sites are opening up to profit off people looking to get in.  Sadly, it’s difficult to tell what’s legit vs. what’s just a cash grab.

    I really appreciate what you’re doing here and will refer back to this website when evaluating other crypto currencies before I jump in.

    Thanks again,


    • Hiya Scott,

      Thanks for your kind words, it was embarrassing but if it helps someone else then I’m glad to share my experiences. I will be reviewing as many Altcoins as I can in the coming weeks so please do come back, I look forward to hearing from you again soon. Glad to be of some help to you.

      Krs PurpleLioness 

  10. Hey there, It simply amazes me that people out there would put so much effort into ripping people off when they could simply put all that effort into a legitimate business. Anyway it’s great to see you putting these people out there and hopefully put them out of business before they scam too many people

    Many Thanks Paul

    • Hiya Paul,

      Thanks for your reply, I am also shocked by the audacity of some of these scammers. I hope I’m doing a service by outing as many as possible. Watch out scammers, there’s a lioness on your tail!

      Krs PurpleLioness 

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