My experiences with …..Free Bitco.in

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My experiences with Free Bitco.in

Free Bitco.in is a site where you can claim free bitcoin satoshi every hour. It’s very simple to claim the quite often small amount of free satoshis and they soon stack up when you’re claiming 24/7. There used to be a free Dogecoin one as well but they shut that one down a couple of months ago and are just concentrating on the free Bitcoin one.

If you follow my link below you’ll come to Free Bitco.in’s home page, sign up and fill in your btc wallet address (public key) where asked then go ahead and roll that faucet. 

After you’ve rolled the faucet and claimed your bitcoin, it’s time to have a look around at what else Freebitco.in has to offer.

Multiply Btc

This is what’s called a ‘provably fair’ game which I find is a popular claim for crypto related games that IME tend to lose more than you win. I lost several satoshi to this multiply game when I first started on this site so I don’t play it any more as I like to hodl my bitcoin not give it away or lose it!


The next tab is betting where you can wager your bitcoin on the outcome of things like football and wrestling matches. Last year there were bets related to Game of Thrones that I wagered on but I didn’t win. There is a prize pool which constantly changes depending on how many bets are laid and a timer for when the bet finishes. For GOT the wager was who would be Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms – I bet on Tyrion and  Arya so obvs I didn’t get paid! You can also bet on what you think the price of bitcoin will be at a certain date – I didn’t get that right either so moving on …

Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket tab next to betting is a page where you can win a Lambo! Yup you can win a Lamborghini (you are responsible for export out with the US) just by following the instructions on the page. It’s connected to the Multiply bitcoin page. At the time of writing there were still 65 days to go in this particular lottery so plenty of time to sign up and get wagering if you fancy your chances!  Again not my thing because I’m not clever enough to understand how the lottery tickets work but I’m sure you are far more switched on than me. 

Earn Btc

Once you have a balance of 30,000 satoshi in your wallet you can start to earn interest on your coin. You can also deposit bitcoin and withdraw at the threshold which is 30,000 satoshi. I have not reached that amount so I’m unable to tell you anything more about this tab but I will update when I have reached the threshold and earned some interest.


Each time you roll the faucet, you are given 2 free lottery tickets and 2 reward points (more about them in a moment) I don’t know much about the Lottery as I don’t really understand it but again hopefully you can figure it out for yourself – I realise that’s not terribly helpful in a review but I cannae teach you what I don’t understand – I find the best way to find out about something is to try it but I still haven’t been able to get what happens, hopefully your experience will be different. You can also get free tickets when you wager 500 satoshi on the Multiply Bitcoin game or when your referrals roll the faucet.


Every month you can enter a wagering contest which runs for the whole month. To win you must be in the top 10 users by wagering volume for the month. There is also a referrals contest which you need to rank in the top 10 users by combined wagering volume of your referrals for the month.

As I do not take part in wagering and I don’t have any referrals yet, I do not use this tab yet and have not entered any contests – don’t let that stop you tho’


If you follow my link below, you will become my referral and I will appreciate that thank you! You can refer people yourself using your own link which you will receive when you sign up and you will find it in this section. 

Rewards Points Pic


Under the More tab is a drop down menu which includes a Rewards section where you can encash your accumulated rewards points (minimum 100,000 RP) or exchange them for items such as Apple Iphone 11 which can be yours for a mere 33,333,333 RP! My meagre 2,000 odd RP are not ‘grown’ enough to play in the big leagues yet so I’ve not paid much attention to this tab. There are other items available such as Amazon gift cards, Fitbit or VR sets for varying amounts of Reward Points ranging from 2 million upwards.

To my surprise, while making the video for this review, I discovered that there is a bonus you can purchase with your Reward Points which I actually have enough points for! It’s valid for 24 hours after redemption and will increase your free bitcoin reward by up to 1000%! The bitcoin reward is very similar to Cointiply so you can get up to 200,000 satoshi depending what random number you roll between 0 and 99999. I have only rolled more than 9 satoshi a couple of times so I’m definitely going to try this.

You can also get a lottery ticket bonus and a reward points bonus which do the same thing for your lottery tickets and reward points. The other tabs are FAQ and Stats both of which I invite you to peruse for yourself.

As you can see there’s quite a bit happening on Freebtico.in follow my link below to get your paws on some lovely FREE money and please come back to comment your experience – it’s always great to hear from you!


Freebitco.in How to Video




  1. Please I really don’t know what crypto journey means but I have an idea on crypto currency trader and I’m pleased to be a trader but they are more to it as it seems and i will love to know more about crypto itself. I can also testify on the fact I know what multiply btc means and that is something popular to know

    • Hiya Perryline

      Thanks for your comment, if you want to know more about crypto currency please join me on my crypto journey. It just means that I am learning about crypto and writing about what I’ve discovered. I’d love for you to come along too.

      Krs PurpleLioness 

  2. Yes, this looks amazingly similar to free-bcash dot com and free-etherium dot io.  I’ve found these sites to be good if you are on your computer all day and hitting that feed button every hour.  I’m curious, though, if you have any proof of payment yet from the one you are recommending?  After all, that is the only way to prove that these things aren’t scams.  Best of luck on your wagering!

    • Hiya Feochadan

      I’ve not come across free-bcash or free eth yet. I agree these sites are great if you’ve got a bit of time every hour to get your claims in. I spend about an hour a day claiming from various sites with daily loyalty bonuses. It’s true proof of payment is always preferable when recommending a faucet or similar. I have yet to reach the threshold for this particular site but their previous free Dogecoin site that I mentioned was one of the first sites I had a withdrawal from and it was problem free so I am trusting that this one will be too and I will, of course, update when I do.

      ‘Thank you for your interest and kind wishes, krs PurpleLioness 

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