My experiences with ….. Es Coin Faucet

Es Coin Faucet

My experiences with ….. Es Coin Faucet

Next in the my experiences with section is Es-coin Faucet. This is a great site I joined last September and I’ve already become an Es-coin Millionaire nine times over for the princely sum of £15! Es coins cannae be sold or traded so you won’t see them on any exchanges but you CAN exchange them for other cryptocurrency available on the site itself. Es coin faucet has great explanatory videos on every page telling you all about the particular currency and walking you through how to claim.

If like me, you’re a bit of a Billy no mates when it comes to cryptocurrency ie you’re the only one you know that’s doing it! It can be difficult to get referrals which can play a big part in your levels of income from faucet claims (see my referral links page) but Es-coin Faucet have made it easy by giving you the option to buy referrals using Es-coin that you have either claimed or bought in the marketplace. They warn you that your referrals may or may not claim, I bought 3 and they’ve been a bit hit and miss but hopefully anyone who follows my link will be more active.

What is Es coin video picEs Faucet - Bitcoin Faucet

There are various bonuses available either by purchasing with Es coins or through tasks like offerwalls. There is a daily loyalty bonus you can claim by claiming each coin once every 24 hours. There is a timer that shows you how long has passed between claims. If you miss a claim you can buy bonus days for 10,000 Es coin per currency so you don’t go back to zero -I didn’t realise the timer’s significance straightaway so embarrassingly I emailed Es Faucet’s owners Btc Newz accusing them of robbing me (yep that happened!) after I had claimed twice inside 24 hours and thought I’d claimed on 2 separate days. They were much kinder than I deserved explaining the above but still giving me the benefit of the doubt by generously awarding me a couple of bonus days so I wouldn’t have to start over.

I have emailed them again since then and always found them to be responsive and helpful. Ngl, I still don’t really get the whole timer thing so I’ve had to ‘pay the piper’ a couple of times but as Es coins are so cheap I’m not too bothered. I have reached 100% daily bonus on what I deem to be the ‘important’ coins namely Es coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Tron. I do like Dogecoin too but the amounts are too small for me to waste 10,000 Es coin no matter how cheap they are.

I need to sort out my wallet addresses for each coin which will be a bit of a faff at first I’m sure but I should only need to do it once. There is a list of minimum withdrawal thresholds that I have not met any of yet. When I do I will post a how to video on my YouTube channel (purplelioness 83 if you’re interested!) and link back here.

There are other methods of earning Es coins on their Esptco page including an hourly 50 Es coin bonus, paid to view videos and ads. See my other how to videos on my above channel. You can also earn btc for viewing the ads on the ESPtco page.

Weekly Bonus

Also under the earn tab on Es Faucet’s main page is a weekly bonus of 2000 Es coins that you can claim once you meet the eligibility criteria which is to be a Level 1 Es coin holder. You can buy Es coin at the marketplace using Coinpayments (I will be making a how to video for that on YouTube which I will add a link for to this post)

Below are links to the how to videos I’ve already recorded for this faucet including a walk through the site which is as follows:-


Here is the first place you come to when you follow the link. It’s where you find all the other tabs starting with Stats, which lists things like the various faucet claims you’ve made over the time you’ve been a member, tells you how much you’ve earned, how many times you’ve clicked ads on the ESPtco site and how many Es coins you need to move up to the next level.

My Account

Next is the My Account tab where you’ll find other tabs including your profile, referrals which is where you get your referral code which is what you would have followed to get to the site by clicking the link. Obvs your one will be for you to refer others. You can also see any referrals you’ve bought from the marketplace or who have used your code to join as well as getting banners here for advertising.


Following on from that is the Withdrawal tab which is where you can see the balances you’ve claimed and withdraw your various coin once you’ve reached each threshold. I’ve not reached any yet so I haven’t used this tab but when I do I will update with how that went.

Transactions and Logout are the last two tabs in that section. I haven’t done any transactions yet so I’ve not used that either and again will update when I do.  Logout is pretty self explanatory!


Then we come to the Earn tab where you can access the individual faucets using the named tabs in the drop down menu. Each set of claims takes about 6 and a half minutes to complete and you can claim on each faucet every 5 mins so you can just claim one after the other all day if you want. The amount you get for each claim lowers each time you claim.

Next is Paid to Click which is one way of accessing the ESPtco part of the site. This takes you to the ads viewing section of the ESPtco dashboard where you can claim your hourly 50 Es coin bonus and the video viewing section. After you’ve completed your tasks there you can move on to the Offers tab to complete surveys and offers from sites like Theorem Research (my fave) and Offer Daddy.

Es Faucet Miner


The next tab is a miner! Yup you can mine Es coin with your tablet or phone right there on the page – how cool is that!  I don’t remember exactly how I did it but you can mess around with it a bit and figure it out I’m sure.   The first time I tried it I somehow increased the hash rate to 99 and crashed my iPad! No damage done though, I was soon backup and running with another new experience to include on my crypto journey.


The advertise tab is still a mystery to me as I’ve not done any ads myself yet. After I made the second YouTube video I found a link called Special Offers which had a Special Offer for advertising your YouTube videos on the video ads viewing tab claiming you could earn back most of your budget so I might give that a shot and I’ll update with whatever happens. I found the Special Offer link in the news letter on my Dashboard, it’s worth a look for some more easy satoshi offers.

Buy Es coin at Marketplace with Coinpayments photo



The Marketplace features in both videos and is where you buy Es coins, referrals and daily bonus days.


On the Leaderboard page there are top10 lists for most referrals, Es coin holders, claimers and most offers completed.

Mobile Applications

I’ve not tried this tab but I think you can download the Es coin faucets to an android device.

Follow Es Coin Faucet on Social MediaFollow Es Coin Faucet on Social MediaFollow Es Coin Faucet on Social Media


More From Us

Es coin faucet can be followed on several social media including Fb, Twitter, Pinterest, Telegram etc from this tab. The drop down menu includes:-


A pay to enter poll charging Es coin.


Es coin Faucet has a help section run by btc news. I have emailed them as mentioned above and found them responsive, kind and helpful.

FAQ, Contact, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy follow each other to bring you to the end of the available tabs, all of which you can check out for yourself.

If you have any questions please leave me a comment and I’d be more than happy to help. If you enjoy my accompanying YouTube videos, please like and subscribe to my channel purplelioness 83 for more.

(ps There is a link at the beginning of this review that was supposed to be an Es Faucet banner but after spending more time than I care to admit trying to place it, I’ve only managed to insert another link to Es Faucet’s dashboard grrr! If I figure it out, I’ll change it)

My Es Faucet Links

Es Faucet

Es Faucet How to Claim YouTube Video

Es Faucet Full Site Walkthrough YouTube Video



  1. This sounds very intriguing, I’ve tried programs like this one in the past but they turned out not to pay. This one caught my atention though because it seems as if you are actually a successful member. Have you tried any payout yet and do they really pay their members? Thanks for sharing!

    • Hiya Afonso,

      Thanks for your reply, sorry to hear you’ve had bad experiences with faucets, I’d be interested to know which ones you tried. I haven’t reached any withdrawal thresholds on Es Faucet yet but when I do I will be sure to update so pls check back periodically. I am confident that their levels of communication bode well for my future withdrawals also they pay you satoshi to post your payment proofs so I take that as a good sign too.

      Of course the proof is in the pudding as they say so we’ll need to wait and see.

      Krs PurpleLioness 

  2. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your article and find it very helpful for everyone like me. I also want to join Es Coin. Now I know there are various bonuses available either by purchasing with Es coins or through tasks like offer walls.The amount we get for each claim lowers each time we claim.Yup ew can mine Es coin with our tablet or phone right there on the page. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hiya Deepanshi

      Thank you for your comments. You are welcome to use my link to join Es coin Faucet, I would be very happy to have you as my first proper referral😁Once you’ve signed up and inputted your wallet address try to claim at least once every 24 hours to bring your daily bonus up to 100%. It makes a huge difference to the amounts you can claim on each coin. 

      Hope to see you there.

      Krs PurpleLioness 

  3. I have invested in a number of cryptocurrencies.  Unfortunately, I did not sell when they were high, but I am holding wait for them to go up again.  The Es coin faucet is something that i have not heard about.  Your article is very thorough.  I think I will continue to look into this program.  I am wondering if it is available in the US at this time.  I am also wondering how difficult it is to exchange the ES cryptocurrency for others that can be converted into cash.  Thanks for your post.  I am interested in learning more about this program.

    • Hiya Anastazja 

      Thank you for your interest,  I wonder which coins you are hodling? I also have a few different ones. I wanted to try to embed the Es Faucet Es coin walkthrough video provided on the dashboard but I’m afraid I don’t know how or if I’m allowed to do that. If you can look at it I would highly recommend it as it tells you exactly what Es coin is and how it is used.

      Es coin cannae be exchanged for other coins, it is for using only on the Es Faucet website. I don’t think it has a value out with the site. I will email btcnewz and ask them if they are available in the US, I’ll get back to you when they reply.

      If you have access to YouTube, one of my videos is a full site walkthrough which should give you more of an idea of what Es Faucet is all about. The link is at the bottom of the article, if you find the video useful please like and subscribe for more.

      If there is anything else I can help you with please don’t hesitate to message me again. I’d be very happy to have you as my referral, hope to see you there.

      Krs PurpleLioness 

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