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Cointiply.com Review

If you follow my link below to Cointiply.com you will come to their homepage where you can sign up, create your account and furnish it with the address you want to withdraw your earnings to.

What a lot they’ve got going on up in here!

Cointiply.com is a faucet site where you can earn free coins in multiple ways which are then converted into bitcoin for you to withdraw. Coins are what Cointiply calls the credits you can earn on their faucets, games and offer walls. The value of the coins is tied to the dollar – 10,000 coins equals 1 dollar worth of bitcoin and you can withdraw when you have 35,000 coins or more (you can deposit btc into your account if you don’t want to wait to claim your way there).

You can also earn 5% annual interest on your coin balance (once it reaches 35,000 coins) which is paid in coins on a Sunday night. I got 843 coins last night and I’m going to try to withdraw my balance later leaving 35,000 coins in there. I say try because as a newbie noob I tried to withdraw my balance when it was below 35,000 coins the first time ever and because it was below the withdrawal limit, I lost my coins which was a real shame but a lesson learned which I can now pass on to you! I’ve actually not tried to withdraw since which is why my balance is quite high. Also I was quite the offer demon when I first started on there which earned a good few coins – more about that in a mo.

Earn Coins by:

Roll the faucet – every hour you are given the opportunity to roll the Cointiply faucet it has a progressive  jackpot which starts at 100,000 coins and increases till someone wins then it rolls back to 100,000, it can be won by rolling 99,999. The faucet rolls from 99,999 back to 11,111 then to a random number between 1 and 99,999. Different numbers give different amounts of coins as shown in the pic above and there is also a loyalty bonus amount of up to 100 percent of the claim dependent on how many days you have been claiming for. I unfortunately missed a day because my ipad died and I forgot to charge it up in time to make a claim that day so I am currently working my way back to 100 percent as I love getting ‘double bubble!’ There are other bonuses available such as an extra 70 coins for rolling a prime number – look I got one for rolling a 3!

Cointiply prime number faucet roll

If you check out the top button on your dashboard it will take you to your Cointivity Profile which is a newish addition to Cointiply added after I started using the site. I found it a bit complicated to begin with but I started using it anyway because when it first started I had a lot of the Cointivity Points you need to buy pods with and the pods started out way way cheaper so I bought 100’s of them then they changed the price so I stopped buying them and just used the ones I had.

Your Cointivity profile contains 4 sections your inventory and pods which is where all your pods are purchased and stored. Your item list showing what is in your pods. Your collections list – certain items available in your pods are part of collections which can be activated on completion to provide a larger boost on offers – and the Cointivity Daily Leaderboard showing your rank achieved by your Cointivity level. There is a whole back story to the collectibles which you can discuss with people who care in the Chat community which you can access through the Chat tab on the bottom right of your dashboard – lots of friendly peeps in there, stop by and say hi.

There is a thorough explanation of Cointivity and Cointipoints in the FAQ section of your dashboard which I’m going to let you read because I don’t think I can really add anything to their version and I don’t understand it enough myself to break it down further (sorry, do remember I don’t speak geek!)

Once you’ve got all your boosts in place and you’ve rolled the faucet there’s plenty to keep you occupied during the hour you have to wait to roll it again (you don’t need to watch it like a pot btw sitting under the timer there’s a nifty wee button you can turn on which will play a sound when you can claim again) First there are PTC (pay to click) ads to surf – the amount of coins you get for clicking on them is fixed and not affected by any boosts – then we come to the Offer Walls.

Offer walls

Offer Walls are a list of sites with offers and surveys that you will be paid in coins to complete. My favourite is called Theorem Reach, I like it because as long as you qualify for the survey, even if you don’t complete it for whatever reason, you still get a percentage of the coin reward – I don’t know of any other sites that do that (if you do and they’re legit please mention them in the comments below especially if they pay in crypto and I’ll check them out for future reviews) also I have been kicked off various surveys for various reasons (I ain’t misbehavin’ honest officer!) and there is a section on their page where you can report that and give a reason and if you didn’t get your coin the lovely ppl at Theorem Reach will give it to you. It’s the most popular offer site on Cointiply and most other sites I’ve been on even though it’s not the highest paying.

Next on the list and the 2nd most popular is Adscend Media, then Your Surveys etc the least popular seems to be Offer Toro – not sure why. There is the potential to earn 1000s of coins completing surveys and installing apps. Some require you to lay down cash (usually high coin offers) or sign up for a free trial to a subscription service which it is then down to you to cancel (you must complete the conditions of the offer to receive the coins so read them carefully)

Cointiply Promo Codes

If you sign up for Cointiply notifications and follow them on Twitter, you can take advantage of exclusive promo codes and receive news and updates about Cointiply. Promo codes are usually a combination of words and numbers which can be redeemed for coins. You need to be quick tho’ as they often have a time limit or they’re only available to a certain number of users eg the first 1000 claimants. The most recent was on 11/11 and it was REMEMBRANCE19 which I’m fairly sure was for Remembrance Sunday. Some codes are for everyone like the start up codes you should receive when you join.

Special Offers and Promotions

As a new venture, I started an offer for the trading platform EToro when completed it’s worth a whopping 950,000 coins if you complete the offer on Android and 940,000 if you complete it on iOS (iPhone/iPad) You have to follow the instructions and deposit $200 dollars on EToro which they then invite you to invest. I have done this and will be reviewing it in a separate article at a later date. (I have undertaken this fully prepared to lose my money – if you decide to complete the offer, you must be prepared to do likewise)

Hideout TV and Creator a Day – Get paid to watch short videos

If you’re already used with earning online then you’ve probably already heard about or experienced getting paid to watch ads but did you know you can also get paid to watch videos! When I first started on Cointiply the ‘get paid to watch video’ site was pretty dire! It involved all sorts of clicking, was all over the screen then just stopped working altogether.

Hideout TV is much better (or it would be if I could get mine working properly *sigh) – you need to create an account at Hideout TV then link it to Cointiply (there are lots of other offer sites you can link to it too, I’ve linked a couple including earn crypto and btc news but I mostly use mine for coins) then you can watch your choice of videos from a selection of providers with or without the sound on.

My fave is a dog called tuckerbudzyn who has grown from a cute pup into a ‘handsome doggo’ (his words!) who reviews food, has a girlfriend, goes on adventures etc it’s very funny and I love the typed comments from the creators that give Tucker his ‘voice’. When you’ve watched the video the ads will automatically load, you watch them then get paid then you can watch the next video and you can do that all day long! You receive 50 coins per 3 ads watched so it can be quite a good little earner

There is also Creator a day videos – these are 10 short videos which you can watch once per day to earn a fixed 102 coins. I tried this but cannae make it work so I left it for now and will try to figure it out later (if I do I’ll update, if YOU do pls share in the comments below)

Not all offers are available in all countries but it generally tells you what countries you can get them in.

Another way to earn coins is by playing games and watching the ads in between – I don’t do this because I just don’t have the time to fit it in (7 cubs ppl! This lioness is busy) but if you like games then it should be no pain some gain!

Cointiply Multiplier

The Cointiply Multiplier is a game of chance where you wager your coins to try to multiply them by up to 63x, if you win your coins will be multiplied by the amount you set it to, if you lose then you will lose all the coins you wagered. I lost a lot of coin that way so now I don’t play the wagering games on any sites even though they call them provably fair as I don’t like to lose coin and if I cannae win every time I’m not interested!

Cointiply Referrals

Last but not least, you can earn a percentage of coins from referring others to Cointiply (which is what happens when you click on my referral link below) I don’t have any referrals yet so I cannae tell you whether that percentage comes out of your claim or if it’s ‘on top’ but when I do find out I’ll update. The more referrals you have the more you can earn but they apparently have to be on a different IP so family members in the same household using the same computer don’t count – which is a bit of a shame as I think I should be able to refer my cubs so they can play the games for me, just sayin’!

The Rest:-

There is a News tab under the Promos tab on your dashboard where you can keep up to date with new features and updates posted by Cointiply. Below that there is a Help tab for if there’s anything you are struggling with (I found the admin friendly and helpful) and lastly a Crypto Prices tab which, when pressed, lists 268 different crypto including Bitcoin and their live prices. Because, as mentioned above, the value of coins is tied to the dollar, you can see at a glance whether bitcoin is up or down from the amount your coins are worth (which is why that amount will constantly change due to bitcoins price volatility) so I use that to see how bitcoin is doing – if btc is up, my coins are worth less (not worthless, just not worth as much!) if btc is down, my coins are worth more.

So that’s Cointiply- one of the highest paying faucet sites around, follow this link http://cointiply.com/r/N5won to join the fun and start earning some lovely FREE crypto!

PR – 9 (will be 10 if my withdrawal is successful)

BREAKING NEWS: Cointiply is now available as an app, woop woop! Download it for free on Google Play Store for Android (no iOS version yet) No more missed days and lost bonus points for moi, yay!



  1. Hi PurpleLioness. Thank you for taking the time to introduce Cointiply site Review. Before that, I didn’t know much about online business sites like free coins. Just like a site like Cointiply site you introduced in your blog, I have some questions. Can I really make money through it? Does it take a lot of time?

    • Hiya JealousLi

      You’re welcome, thank you for your interest. You can indeed earn money on Cointiply, I have! There are lots of different ways including claiming on the faucet which takes very little time to do (also if you claim daily you build up a loyalty bonus which gives you up to 100% of each claim as a bonus) or you can watch ads which are typically a few seconds long, watch videos which also have set times ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes, surveys also have set times to complete them in but I found they can take longer than stated especially if you’re being thorough. It’s up to you how long you want to spend on the various options and on Cointiply you can also buy boosts (see Cointipoints) which will up the amount of coin you can get. Good luck and happy claiming, krs PurpleLioness 

  2. Awesome Review! Thank you for the review that provides information on how to make money online. I have also experienced a similar case, where one of the websites provides a way to make money around $ 5 / hour. However, during the withdrawal process, up to now the money has not arrived. Therefore, I will bookmark your website and wait if the withdrawal process is successful. Lol
    Or have you succeeded in the withdrawal process, remembering your post was from November 2019?

    • Hiya Asmadi

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry to hear you have been unsuccessful with your withdrawal, they do take a few days but sometimes things can go wrong. Can I ask which site you were claiming from? I could check it out if you like (you could pm me) if it has been more than a week and you think you have done what you’re supposed to, you can open a support ticket or email the site enclosing any screenshots you may have ( I try to always screenshot withdrawals etc as they are useful proof that are often asked for) to give them a chance to look at the problem. A good site should get back to you within 48 hours and hopefully you will see your money soon.

      I have not made my withdrawal from Cointiply yet as I have had serious ongoing problems with my email and I need it to be working to pass the 2fa security necessary to complete a successful withdraw. I hope to fix the problem through my service provider very soon and I will post the payment proof when I have succeeded. Good luck with your withdraw, please come back to me with any further questions, I am happy to help you in any way I can, krs PurpleLioness 

  3. Hi. I really enjoyed your article on Scammers. I was immediately drawn to it because they are filth and need to have their nose rubbed in it.
    Excuse my words.  I was bitten twice and since then, I review the hell out of everything, with ‘xyz review’ and read quite a few of these before deciding what to do next. Still, I’m sure they are skilled at writing up a review on themselves, under a different web name.
    Thank you for a very refreshing and unapologetic take on things.

    • Hiya Hori

      You’re very welcome, I 100% agree about scammers I’ve been bitten so many times I’m extremely wary now. The thing that gets me every time is the work involved in the scam could be put to so much better use. I just don’t understand why someone clever enough to produce a scam (I couldn’t do it !) couldn’t be clever enough to translate that into DECENT ways of earning money. I guess some people are just rotten!

      I have done some mini reviews on a site called Trustpilot which I mentioned in the article, I find sites like that helpful when researching my way thru the scam minefield but again as you say some people will write scam reviews too, I can only keep researching and posting my experiences in the hope that I can help others not to fall for these scammers too. Thank you for your interest, krs PurpleLioness 

  4. I will be looking forward to your next review on Cointiply, I am a little suspicious of whether you will actually be able to get your money out of it. It is a shame that if you try to get your money out before you have enough credits that you lose the credits that you do have. It seems shady don’t you think? Although if it does work it sounds like it has some good qualities, but I won’t risk my money just yet! I have my fingers crossed for you though!

    • Hiya Travis,

      Thanks for your comment, I will indeed be updating my Cointiply review. Actually you reminded me that I hadn’t gotten round to making that withdraw, I’ve had a few problems accessing my email which i need for 2fa on Cointiply. I can see why you would think it’s shady but they state very clearly what the minimum threshold for withdrawal is, I just was too much of a noob to understand how it all worked😊obvs the proof is in the pudding! I will get around to it before too long so keep popping back to see that payment proof.  I have emailed Cointiply before now and they were quite responsive and helpful and I take that as the mark of a decent site. I am confident that they will honour the withdrawal and hope I won’t be back here calling scam anytime soon! 

      I appreciate your support and hope that if you decide to give them a shot, it works out for you too, krs PurpleLioness 

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