My conscience (and my pee) is clear!

When it comes to tea my philosophy is simple – why have a big cup when you can have a huge one! So whatever your poison (for me it’s rose pouchong leaf tea or lavender earl grey because y’know it’s purple) get yourself a brew and settle in for a wee chat:-

Hope you’re enjoying the journey so far – I know I am it’s so fun having other people along for the ride but before we go any further together it’s time for another wee disclaimer – unravels scroll takes BIG sip of lovely cup of tea, clears throat and “Hear ye, here ye from this point forth in accordance with heretofore, the aforementioned undersigned agrees in perpetuity to relinquish their soul to the blah, blah, blah” wait, what? Oh no dear, we cannae be bothered with all that!

I’m just joshing! What I wanted to say was throughout this journey I am offering my real time experiences, my own opinions, choices and ideas at no point does anyone HAVE TO choose what I choose or do what I do, my goal here is to show what I have done and try to cut out the fun sucking crap I went through so YOU don’t have to. Please at all times, make up your own minds about what suits YOU best, do your own research the only exception to that is this – take precautions to secure yourselves and your crypto – I cannae stress this one enough! Check out the section on public and private keys, cold wallets and paper wallets and DO WHAT IT SAYS! 

If you’ve satisfied yourself that you’ve done all you can to secure yourself online then let’s go crypto!


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