Is Sussex Royal – Meghan and Harry’s Website Hosted By Wealthy Affiliate?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aka Brand Sussex

(This is my first attempt at a review with affiliate links. Words that are red are affiliate links or links to my other websites. If you click on my affiliate links, I will benefit in some way at no extra cost to you, thank you for your support)

Hiya folks, I’ve just been reading about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s plans for ‘leaving’ the Royal Family! They claim that they intend to be financially independent and to that end they have unveiled a secret website they built in March last year. So now I’m wondering is Sussex Royals – Meghan and Harry’s website hosted by Wealthy Affiliate? If not it should be and here’s why…….

Although Wealthy Affiliate is available free for Starter Members , I would imagine that Meghan and Harry’s budget could stretch to include the extremely reasonable  $19 price tag available for the 1st month’s Premium Membership. Indeed one would hope that the princely sum of $359 ($299 if they took advantage of the Black Friday sale in November 2019) wouldn’t be too harsh a pull on the apparently still royal purse strings!

Wealthy affiliate logo

I’ve been recreating how I imagine the conversation could have gone in my head for my own amusement:-

Harry “Meg darling stop binge watching Suits on Netflix (of course it’s not the same without you but Harvey still rocks!) and let’s talk about our plans for the future.”

Megan ” Ok babe, I’ll just put the wee man in his bed (she probs wouldn’t say it quite like that but I’m the one putting the words in there so…)

Harry “So we’re really doing this abdication thing yeah”

Meghan “Yeah babe, we want more family time, more at home time, less flitting about, get our carbon footprint right down in line with our eco plans”

Harry “What we need is a way to be financially independent, you know work for ourselves, support ourselves and our boy while still achieving our goals. Thing is while we’ve both earned money before, you as an actor and me by being Royal, we need a way to continue to monetise our royal connections without resorting to the Bank of Grandma!”

Meghan “If we really don’t want to earn the Queen’s shilling we”ll need to get some wallets set up and start accepting crypto”

Harry “Crypto? You mean like Bitchcoin and Ethnic Rum?

Meghan “Bitcoin and Ethereum, silly!

Harry “Not what Grandma calls it!” She’s not so keen on money that doesn’t have her face on it! How do you know so much anyway?”

Meghan “I’ve been following the creator of this blog, she’s called PurpleLioness83, she’s just started her own crypto journey and she’s putting what she’s learning about it on a website she built herself.

Meghan “Everyone and his dog has a website these days, maybe we could try that” “I’ve had a wee surf and come across something called affiliate marketing that I think might be right up our royal street”

Harry “Sounds interesting, do tell!”

Meghan “Well you know how whenever I wear something it gets sold out in the shops pretty much straightaway?”

Harry “Umm no I didn’t know that, why would people buy something just because you wore it? Do they buy the things I wear? I mean I know people  buy Father’s biscuits but they’re yummy and organic so why wouldn’t you want them but clothing, really!”

Meghan “Try to keep up babe! No, they don’t buy the clothes YOU wear, you spend most of your time in fatigues and a helmet hardly daywear is it now!’ ‘I, on the other hand am the Duchess of Sussex, everyone wants to wear my duds, I’m young, beautiful and fashionable, I’m married to a Prince and have a gorgeous baby boy – women worldwide want a piece of that and wearing the clothes I wear is one way of feeling like that”

Harry “Ok but when I wanted to wear your knickers you told me off for being pervy!”

Meghan “Harry! Shush you’re going to have to stop saying things like that if we’re going to have a website! The internet is forever y’know it’s not like Xeroxing your butt at the office party!”

Harry “You did not!”

Meghan “Didn’t you?”

Harry “Can you imagine the headlines if I had!” Sadly no, my office was in the sky or a tank no room for a photocopier” You know it’s on a mobile phone somewhere though – fairly sure Wills has a copy!  Anyway enough about my behind, how does people buying the clothes YOU wear make US money are we going to buy a fashion retailers, set up a preloved shop or are we hocking your gear on Flea bay?”

Meghan “Seriously Harry, I’m going to stop telling you if you don’t stop being facetious”

Harry “Ok sorry darling go on tell me how we’re going to profit from your Duchyness?”

Meghan “Right, I’ve found out that this affiliate marketing business means you can make money without having to make anything, stock anything or indeed sell anything!”

Harry “Not sure we can sell anything anyway, fairly sure that Jeff Bezos chap has got the entire internet for sale on his Amazon website!”

Meghan “Right if you’re done being a royal p in my a!

Harry “So we’re back to your behind again, don’t mind if I do!”

Meghan “THIS is our website – while you were admiring my behind, I just built it”

Harry “Wait, what! That wasn’t there a minute ago! How did you do that?”

Meghan “Finally something other than my butt got your attention! I just built it on this platform called Wealthy Affiliate”

Harry “But you just DID that in front of my eyes! How, where, what? I’m confused!”

Meghan “Sit down before you hurt yourself babe and I’ll show you”

Harry “You’ve really got my attention now, when did you learn to code? That wasn’t in your security dossier!”

Meghan “You don’t know everything about me babe! A lady needs a little mystery, keeps things interesting.  Don’t worry tho I’m not about to pull on a hoodie and sneakers and start speaking in bits and bytes.  I’ve been trying to tell you I built it on this brilliant platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

It took less than 5 minutes, I learned how by following the tutorial provided by one of the clever peeps who founded WA, I think his name was Kyle or was it Carson”

Harry “WA?”

Meghan “Short for Wealthy Affiliate, catchy isn’t it?”

Harry “Yes, it is rather, so they taught you to code in a few minutes – wow you were wasted on Suits you should have been working at Apple or something!”

Meghan “No, no nothing like that! They do all the technical stuff, all I had to do was follow the video training and they walked me through the buttons I needed to press to produce the website and wham bam splat! Just like that we’ve got a website all our own – our first piece of online real estate! Clever huh?”

Harry “I’ll say, what are we going to call it?”

Meghan “Really Harry, must I do everything? I built it, you name it and make it good!”

Harry “Ok, ok umm what about? Duchy something, no been done! Wonderful Windsors Website?

Meghan “Er, nah!” “We’re not Windsor’s, we’re the Duke and Duchess of Sussex! Back to the drawing board, Hal!”

Harry “Righto, this is harder than I thought!” “Megs?”

Meghan “Yes, Harry”

Harry “I still don’t understand how we’re going to make money?”

Meghan “Right that’s it I’m going to my bed”

Harry “Yes, yawning, it’s getting late let’s get back into this tomorrow”

Meghan “Oh no, not you Prince Procrastinator! You are going to sit here and have a proper look at the WA platform and learn what it has to offer.  You can have a go free as a starter member, see what it’s all about and find out how your pretty wife built a website in 5 minutes flat, then you can tell me what you’ve learned in the morning”

Harry “Whatever you say, my lady love – I’ve got to admit I’m curious to know more”

Meghan “Night babe”

Harry “What’s that, oh yes, good night- ooh now what does this button do…..?”

Next morning Harry bounces bleary eyed but excited into the bedroom.

Harry “Wake up Meg, I’ve got so much to tell you!”

Meghan “Have you got tea?”

Harry “No, but …”

Meghan “Babe, you know ‘no tea, no talkie”

One hastily ordered pot later……

Harry “Now take a look at THIS”

Meghan “Wow Harry! You have been busy! Were you up all night?”

Harry “Well, yes but I barely noticed the time till I heard the birds singing!”

Meghan “I can see that!  So you see what I mean about WA, isn’t it amazeballs!”

Harry “I’d go so far as to say it’s whiz bang!  We’ve gone premium by the way”

Meghan “Lol, already! I knew you would, what swayed it?”

Harry “I could see the benefits straight away, the starter membership is great and free so what’s not to like but we are serious about our financial independence so you know we need to invest in ourselves to achieve what we want and I saw the price tag as a small one for what they provide and what we could do with it”

Meghan “Couldn’t have said it better myself babe, go on then, show me what you’ve created while I was sleeping”

Harry “Check me out!”

Queen and Duchess of Sussex

Meghan “Ooh where’d you get that pic of me? What are my hands doing? Is that lady looking at me funny?”

Harry “Oh shut up, you look beautiful and it’s a lovely pic of Grandma too”

Meghan “S’pose!, what else ya got? Ohmigosh, I remember Ireland! That was one of our 1st official trips as a married couple – look how cute!”

Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Harry “Working that hair, those teeth, hehe”

Meghan “Did you figure out how we’re going to make money?”

Harry “I did darling. It was all laid out in the lessons at WA, we need a niche to monetise, we’ve got the website now we just need to write about our passion and publish it on our website”

Meghan “Do we have a niche?”

Harry “We do, Meg”

Meghan “Are you going to tell me what it is?”

Harry “Nope”

Meghan “Harry!”  swipes him with cushion 

Harry “Oi, careful, it’s treason to damage the royal personage don’t ya know, fairly sure I could have you put in the Tower or something for that!”

Meghan “Shut up Harry, that’s not you it’s your Granny or your Dad, no one’s coming to clap me in irons for battering you with a sofa cushion!  Besides you forget, I played a lawyer I’d get my charges reduced to a fine before you can say Zane, Specter, Litt! Now are you going to tell me what our niche is or do I have to pin you and tickle it out of you!”

Harry “No, fair you know all my weak points!  Ok, ok calm woman, put the cushion down and I’ll tell you!  Actually you’ll be able to find out the answer to that question on our website because our niche is …….. being royal!

Meghan “It took you all night to come up with THAT!”

Harry “Stay with me please my love, more tea?”

Meghan “Always to the tea question but back to how being royal is gonna make bank!”

Harry “It’s all explained in the videos, Meg, you know how you were saying that people would buy the clothes you wore, you were not kidding! I think we can go one better though, quite a few better actually. We are in a quite unique niche as royals and we can leverage that to our advantage”

Meghan “Leverage huh, learn that affiliate marketing lingo at WA did you?

Harry “Yep, that and so much more”

Meghan “I’m beginning to feel like I’m pulling teeth, do I need to get the cushion again?”

Harry “Whoa, hold your fire woman! I thought you’d read all this yourself on the WA website”

Meghan “I did, I just want to hear you say it, I like the excitement in your eyes when you’re explaining how you’re going to shape our son’s future with your own hands”

Harry “Yet, you feel the need to batter me with soft furnishings to achieve that!”

Meghan “Sometimes you have to sweat a little to get what you want, no pain no gain and all that!”

Harry “I agree with that at least, it’s going to be a lot of work but we can use our royal connections and your Duchyness to help people who want either a taste of the royal life – the clothes, the cars, the houses or who can actually afford the trappings – the horses, the private jet, the yachts. Now I’m off to find an affiliate link for a chinook because I know a guy!”

Meghan “Does our new venture have a name yet?”

Harry “Sussex Royals because we are!”

Meghan “Hmm Sussex Royals,  I like it  – I think I can hear Archie stirring, I’ll go and get him so we can both give you a big kiss”

Harry “You know of course it’s all for him in the end”

Prince Harry and his son Archie

Meghan “Harry, we’re  going to be alright aren’t we?”

Harry “Yes , Meg, I rather think we are !

Wee disclaimer – This conversation never actually took place anywhere except inside my head. It is just a story I made up to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t know the circumstances behind Meghan and Harry’s website (it’s where I got the pics from*), I’m sure Harry did not wear Meghan’s pants and I have no idea how they address each other at home or how the Queen feels about crypto!

What I do know is that I built this website and two others (babybore.co.uk and babybore.com) which are still in production on the Wealthy Affiliate platform with zero previous experience of online marketing. When I first came across it I didn’t even know what the word affiliate meant, I actually had to look it up. I bought the babybore.co.uk domain on Go Daddy for 99p 10 years ago but didn’t know how to build a website so I just left it as it didn’t cost me anything for it to just sit there. I have since learned how to bring my website over to WA (ongoing baptism of fire only made possible by the incomparable Site Support at WA!)

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate in May 2019, I found out I could provide content for my website using the tools provided here and I just haven’t looked back.  It’s not for everyone, you cannae get rich quick here and it helps if you have good English, spelling and grammar but there are tools and plug ins for most things, a fantastic community falling over themselves to help you and the opportunity to build a real and lasting business which can earn you money while you sleep – and according to Warren Buffet (one of the richest people in the world) that’s the way to do it.

If you’re interested in running your own business and working towards a more time rich and cash rich existence, click the link below and find out how you’ll be helping me get an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas and how you can even get paid by WA just by giving your opinion of other people’s websites. That’s correct – one of the fantastic features available to premium members is a comments platform where you can get paid to check out other people’s websites and talk about them, pretty cool, huh?

My parents went to Las Vegas and all I got was this lousy t shirt

If you’re still not sold on the idea, check it out for free as a starter member, I’m pretty sure you’ll go premium fast or I’m not going to Vegas and Mama’s going to Vegas I’ve already got the T-shirt!  Thanks for reading – if you’ve any questions please comment below and I’d be happy to help you.

Click here to go to Wealthy Affiliate

*(Full disclosure – All the above photos are screenshots from Sussex Royals website except the first and last ones which I just downloaded off the interweb!)




  1. I think that they could go with wealthy affiliate and it could be fine. Do you know of any other famous people that have websites hosted at wealthy affiliate and if so do you know their names? How has wealthy affiliate been so accomdating to people of all walks of life in achieving their website success?

    • Hiya Jon

      I don’t know if there are any famous people on Wealthy Affiliate but I know they could do a lot worse! This is the most amazing platform I’ve ever come across, I have no doubts it is possible to succeed here. Thanks for your comment.

      Krs PurpleLioness 

  2. Hey Purple Lioness, you have outdone yourself. I still cannot believe what i just read. I absolutely love the post and I’ll bookmark. It also deserves to be shared like a million times lol. Seriously, everyone needs to see this, especially the Duke and the Duchess. I love the way you play around with our beloved suits characters. phew

    In short, this has made my day. You rock. Maybe I should probably just call you Donna. 

    • Wow thanks Rhain, this is my fave comment😁Donna huh, I’ll take that! I love Donna and I could see myself on Harvey’s arm😈I’d love for this to be shared a million times thats got to get me to Vegas right!

  3. You are so hilarious purple lioness, you gat me whacking out with laughter, you deserve to be a Grammy comedy awardee.
    It would be so fantastic to host the royal duke and duchess of Sussex at the hear in wealthy affiliate which is not impossible though due to the level of popularity the platform poses.
    The are definitely welcome anytime any day, they would make huge fortune here at wealthy affiliate so they are welcome

  4. You are so hilarious purple lioness, you gat me whacking out with laughter, you deserve to be a Grammy comedy awardee.
    It would be so fantastic to host the royal duke and duchess of Sussex at the hear in wealthy affiliate which is not impossible though due to the level of popularity the platform poses.
    The are definitely welcome anytime any day, they would make huge fortune here at wealthy affiliate so they are welcome

    • I’m loving these comments, thanks Carol😁I agree that it would be fab to have Brand Sussex hosted here and with a 2.5 million bill on the doormat they could do with going premium asap!

  5. Hello, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I heard about Wealthy Affiliate 2 years ago but I only recently decided to fully commit to it. So far, I can say that this platform is truly one of the best when it comes to learning people how to earn money online. I am sure many big brands are hosted on WA.

    • Hiya Danijel

      You are right that there are lots of successful people here at Wealthy Affiliate, I hope to be one of them and I know I’m in absolutely the best place for that here. You took a while to make your decision but you know it was the right one. All the best👍🏾

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    I love the fact of them providing a free trial. It shows how confident they are in the level of quality of their products. Thanks for a great review!

    • Hiya Juan 

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I’m glad you enjoyed my article. I agree with the level of confidence shown by a free trial and the platform basically sells itself once you take a look! If affiliate marketing is your game then here is definitely where you need to be😁

  7. Loll, I cannot just laughing. You caught my attention with the name Wealthy Affiliate (WA), and your story kept my eyes glued to my system to the end.

    WA is my platform any day any time; the atmosphere is great and robust for business.  They deliver quality training and their web hosting is one of the best. I have hosted my website with them and no regrets. Not to mention their community, bringing together helpful hands .

    • Hey Parameter 

      Thanks for that, I love making people smile, we all need more to smile about😁I think being here working for ourselves, building our own futures is definitely something to smile about😁

  8. Thanks for the fun post I had money like Meghan and Harry would certainly not bother to write something but enjoy the life God gave me, and this is how I have to fight every month for every euro to survive with my family. you mentioned for the job I have been a member for a second month already.

    • Hiya Kozakiv, 

      We’ve all got bills! Some are higher than others and the Sussex”s are no exception. I reckon they could pay their bills here and then some😉

  9. I must say, that it was an interesting made up conversation of Harry and Meghan! You did that so well! Wouldn’t that be amazing though if they really did join Wealthy Affiliate? I believe WA is the best place online to learn how to build a thriving online business. It has so many great tools to help you achieve that and the community there is the most helpful community I’ve seen anywhere online. Have you started seeing successes with your online business at WA?

    • Hiya Brian 

      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have not been here for very long and I’m not the type to hit the ground running when it comes to online things but I’m definitely in the right place. My original goal was actually to get referrals as I don’t know anyone else who does crypto and I’ve got a couple so I’ve achieved that goal and I’m hoping to start doing affiliate links in my posts soon  All the best.😁

  10. Ha ha, very clever, have you ever thought of writing fiction? I like Wealthy Affiliate too and find it a great base that provides much of the info I need in order to manage a website. It’s also a great community that will pick you up when you’re feeling that this Internet gig is a long slow process. I need that. Apart from all the tehnical stuff probably the biggest thing I’ve learned on WA is that building an Internet business is a marathon not a sprint and you have to treat it that way. If you go too hard you burn out. The community at WA is like your cheer squad along the long and often lonely road.

    • Hiya Deb

      They do say everyone has at least one book in them! I’m glad you liked it. I agree it’s not a sprint, good job really as sprinting is not my thing! I’m deffo in the tortoise lane and I like it here! I’ve never met a community like the one here at WA and I’m staying👍🏾see you around😁

  11. What a novel way to put together an explanation of Wealthy Affiliate.  Quite entertaining, while touching all the bases of how WA works.  The use of the Royal Couple to tell the story is brilliant.  

    I also appreciate the information you share about Crypto.  I am made to want to look into it further. 

    Your originality surely speaks of success and a good future in your online business.

    • Hiya Earl

      Thank you for your lovely comments😁I wanted to do something different for my first Wealthy Affiliate review as I’d read so many that were quite similar. I hope it makes it stand out a bit and I’m glad you enjoyed it.  Like everyone here I hope to succeed and I know I’m in the best place for that right here👍🏾

  12. You had me hook, line and sinker. I was hanging on every word of their conversation, it was all playing out in my head with you providing the narrative. I think you’re right though, they could do a lot worse. 

    Let’s face it, there’s no reason why they couldn’t have a site hosted by Wealthy Affiliate. Those that have the big bucks are  shrewd investors, they don’t become wealthy and stay wealthy by throwing their money around randomly. They’re careful and calculating and know a good deal when they see one.

    Royal or not, what’s not to like. To be able to try the whole thing out for free is a no brainer, who turns down free ? You should pitch the idea to them, you never know, after seeing your sites, they might just want you to design theirs. If not that, then you could be a speech writer for them, of course for a princely sum.

    • Oh Twack

      I think I love you a wee bit☺️yours was my 2nd fave comment! It was my 1st till i got compared favourably with Donna further down (you cannae really top that!) I will try to tweet the post to Sussex Royals (like you say, why not!) and if I can find any of the Suits cast I’m as well tweeting it to them too! I’ve got nothing to lose (except maybe my head if the Queen ever got wind of it and didn’t like it – OFF WITH HER HEAD! – err do they still do that? Asking for a friend👀)

      If I ever sort my own websites out I’d gladly do theirs for a fee – payable in Bitchcoin of course😉

  13. Excellent! Your dialogue is very clever and easily imagined. That’s quite the talent.
    Its also a clever way to review a product via 3rd person using the dialog.

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