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How to PTC

When I first started on my crypto journey last year it wasn’t long before I came across PTC websites. If you’ve read Need a Crypto Currency Definition  you already know that PTC stands for Paid To Click. On these websites you can earn small amounts of currency by clicking on ads or viewing videos or completing tasks like short links and captchas . I was such a noob and I couldn’t find any information on short links so I just tried one and eventually did it through trial and error (a LOT of error!) so here’s how to PTC broken down so you don’t have to deal ……




I’ve found captchas are used a lot by faucets as a security measure – There are two types of captchas I’ve experienced so far, both are to make sure that you are a human (ie a potential customer) and not just a computer or bot sent out to collect money.   The first type of captcha I completed was called a solve media which can be presented in a few different ways but generally involves typing whatever combination of characters are shown in exactly the same way and then submitting it for approval to get the reward or enter the site etc.



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My lovely purple laptop has some dodgy keys so I cannae always type in the correct characters but captchas usually have a second option called reCaptcha which has a square divided into 12 wee windows and it asks you to click on all the instances of something in the windows which sometimes are one whole picture or 12 wee pictures of which 3 sometimes 4 contain what you’re looking for. For example- you might be asked to click on Fire Hydrant and the picture might be one big picture with a fire hydrant that spans 3 or 4 wee windows so you need to click on all the wee windows with a portion of fire hydrant in them or it could be 12 wee pictures of which at least 3 will be fire hydrants, click on all 3 and press Verify/Submit and you’ve completed the captcha or not!



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Wait, what! Just checking you’re still with me so far – there is a third type similar to the previous where the wee pictures will disappear once you click on them and be replaced by another picture, in this instance you keep clicking on them until no more of whatever you’re supposed to be finding appears.



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Short links


Short links were an education I could have done without frankly but I learned how to do them and now they’re fairly easy. There are several different ones available and you just follow the instructions to complete. It can be frustrating if they don’t work but just move on to the next one if you’ve tried it a couple of times and it’s not happening for you. I’ve shown how to complete a couple of different ones in the YouTube video below. If you like my video and found it useful please like and subscribe for more.



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Fire Faucet and PTC Share


The two sites I went on to show how to complete captchas and short links are called Fire Faucet and PTC Share. I will be reviewing both in the near future but if you would like to check them out sooner just click on the names to follow my link to the individual websites. I wrote a review called My experiences with Es Coin Faucet  which is where I first came across PTC ads, if you like it you can follow my link at the bottom of the review to join as my referral  – don’t worry there’s how to videos too! If you’ve heard of it and you just want to join you can do that here.

If you have any questions about this article or experiences you’d like to share please leave me a comment below.




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