13 Reasons Why? – Bitcoin is Better Than Fiat



Reason No 1 – The sheer speed of it!

My eldest cub, Ebony, is in Bali just now on holiday with her bestie Z. She’s been au pairing in Australia since last December and now she’s having a well deserved rest. The two of them had taken themselves off to Bali for some r and r. At first they’d stayed in a nice hotel but a few days ago they’d gone to a different part of Bali so had booked another hotel and eek what a house of horrors! Blood on the wall- I shit you not, I seen it with my own two eyes, shudder! The shower room was dirty, the curtains and blinds were mouldy and the window was broken (apparently some drunk woman poked her head in it looking for her own room and gave the girls a right scare!)


They tried to sort it themselves but Ebony was broke by then and Z’s card wouldn’t work, they’d stuck it out for 3 days but enough was enough! I booked them a new hotel on booking.com because there was no way to instantly send cash to them. I sent Ebony some cash via Transfer Wise to her Australian bank account but it wouldn’t be there until the following day.

Reason No 2 – Middlemen step away fae ma money!

Now if that had been Bitcoin she could have had the money while I was still FaceTiming her and been out of that flea pit immediately plus more of the money would have gone to her instead of my having to send extra just to cover the transaction charges.


I always send money to my cubs when they need it particularly when NayNay (my teenage cub) was at college – in my experience bank to bank transfers are generally instant and free within the UK – usually when they ask for money they need it then not whenever the bank can get round to transferring it so I’m lucky they’re not studying abroad as good luck getting your money when you need it.




Reason No 3 – ok above are just two examples when, for me, Bitcoin would have been better. There are plenty more but I thought it would be more fun if others were to contribute their reasons in the comments below…..



  1. You can send BTC instantly and they can trade it in the country they are in. Sending crypto abroad is massivley cheaper than fiat and quicker too

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